Friday, August 26, 2005

LOW-speed pursuit?!?!?

From the county newspaper's "Arrest" column .... I guess I'm still just not used to the small-town stuff. Names have been omitted to protect their pride.

City police used a Taser to subdue a ____ County man accused of leading officers on a four-mile, low-speed pursuit early today on a motor scooter.

[Name, age, and full address] was arrested at 12:12 a.m. and charged with drunken driving (blood-alcohol test refused), resisting law enforcement and criminal recklessness, police said.

[He] was driving a motor scooter and allegedly ran a stop sign at 14th and Vine streets shortly after midnight, police said. An officer saw him and tried to pull him over but he wouldn't stop, according to police.

Four other officers, including a County sheriff's deputy, joined the pursuit, which left the city limits onto County Road #. The deputy put stop sticks, a device that punctures tires, in front of the scooter.

The scooter's front tire went flat when it ran over the sticks, but [he] kept driving, police said. He finally stopped near the ___ Road when the scooter fell over.

Officers confronted [him] but he allegedly resisted and an officer subdued him, police said, by shooting him with a Taser, a nonlethal weapon that stuns with a jolt of electricity. [He] was examined at the scene by ___ Hospital Emergency Medical Services technicians because he pulled the Taser's barbs from his body, police said.

[He] wasn't injured and was jailed at the ____ County Security Center.

So .... five cops, chasing a scooter, at a low-speed .... getting enough in front of him to put stop sticks down, but not still stopping him until he fell off his scooter.

I find myself imagining what this would look like televised from the helicopters, like the famous white Explorer...


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