Monday, December 04, 2006

Lifted Straight Outta Last Year

Nice fresh Advent Reflections ... get 'em while they're hot!

To see the ultimate in monastic lectionary reflections, click here!
To see other monastic spiritual stuff, click here! (As web-headed by my very own Jeana-commenter herself)
To just check out our page, click here.
To go nowhere and stay on my blog, click here. :-)

P.S. ~ New this year ... you can revisit A Light Blazes in the Darkness: Advent Devotionals from an Intentional Online Community in its entirity — of course, you'll have to start at the bottom. Or, save yourself the trouble and just buy the book!

And, at least so far, we've got Advent reflections right here at your very own Nuntime, and cross-posted to Fishing for Faith for those special young people in your life.

Plus various random remnant thoughts posted last year.

So ... what are you doing still here reading this??? Go get thyself holyified!


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