Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Dawn of Advent

I’ve been thinking during the last week or so about the arrival of Advent, because I often think about some various “New Year’s Resolutions” that I’ll do to make my Advent extra-special holy and pray-ey, with the additional thought that perhaps it’ll stick into the official new year. Course, the way things tend to work with me, if I even realize that it’s Advent it’s a huge event; coming up with ideas, bigger still; and if I actually even do the practice(s) for three days – it’s time to stop the presses!

But, as always, I’m thinking this year will be different. For one thing, I’m slightly more chill about school this year (yeah, right!), my pit of despair has been somewhat cleaned such that I at least have a corner clear enough to actually attempt to utilize (as opposed to the traditional needing-to-create-a-peaceful-space), etc. Oh yeah, and then there’s this TeenPage thing that I’m supposed to have going, and wouldn’t Advent be a good time to kick it off without having to come up with a whole ton of material on my own (except for committing myself to doing a whole season's worth of Advent reflections!)?

So … I’m thinking of maybe trying to do little somethings for the scriptures, or something else Adventy each day. That way maybe the external accountability will help me actually do it … either that, or you’ll realize that I’m not kidding when I talk about my complete and total lack of follow-through!

Either way, for what it’s worth … blessings for a peaceful and blessingful Advent to all of you.

Oh yeah … and Happy New Year!


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