Thursday, September 07, 2006

Pressure's On

Actually, that's both literally and figuratively speaking! Evil cold-like-illness struck yesterday morning, inspiring me to concoct a "Top # Reasons Colds Stink" list, but felt too gunky to even write it. That, plus we had some big thing at school that had started out as a not-so-big thing that I had to do music for and it was just a very very very very long day. Went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home (9:00?!?!?) and woke up at 2:00 with the lower half of face imploding .... one of those things where I couldn't blow my nose b/c it made my ears hurt too much and besides, it didn't blow anything out anyway. After lying there for two hours, sucking down a couple Advil, I realized that I really only had two classes today and it was going to be just taking them to the library so they could work on presentations, so I decided to stay home. Of course, when I re-awoke at 6:00 for Morning Prayer, it had shifted to "just a cold" so I felt a little guilty, but a housemate assured me of swollen glands and the need to not get kids sick. So I had a day of lots of sleep, lots of snot, and a long-neglected Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince --- the only problem with it is that it's not the most conducive for lying-in-bed reading. But, nevertheless, I survived and am halfway through .... though I read book five so long ago I don't remember all the details they keep referencing.

Of course, none of this has anything to do with why I'm posting.... and unfortunately, there's too much evidence here to the contrary for me to blame this latest round of randomness simply on my illness.

As an aside .... helping aforementioned housemate find some fun saint patronages for her kids tomorrow, I discovered a patron saint of suriphobia, which apparently is a fear of rats or mice. As I told her about it, I was struck by a thought:
Suriphobia = fear of rats and mice

Using my unbounded knowledge of etymology, I dissect the word into its component parts:
suri + phobia

And, knowing that phobia means fear of I determine that suri must mean rat or mouse.
Unfortunately, in the haze of my snot-filled delirium, the thought ended there. But I can't help but think that there must be a deeper meaning in all of that somewhere .....

But, I have digressed from my non-existent point.

While I'm still off-track, though, I'd like to point out that I just discovered the difference between "entymology" and "etymology" .... funny how one little letter can mean the difference between the study of worms and the study of words!

And yes, I'm well aware that worms technically aren't insects and therefore that was a flawed and faulty funny, please don't ruin my fun or I'll be forced to sneeze on you!

The figurative pressure comes from discovering that our monastery webpage now shows a "Coming Soon" heads-up about the new look. Which makes me realize that I really need to get this Teen Page thing up and running. So pressure's on to find a fun cool name that gives a sense of spirituality without stagnation, of faith that's still fun, of religion with rebellion, of Benedictines not boredom, of holiness that's humorous, of piety that's punny, of vocations that are vacationable and not vacant, of nuns that are none of what you'd expect.

Any thoughts? PLEASE?!?!?


Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Be the best you're called to be.

Benedictine life. Not just black and white.

No rules, just the Rule.

Nun better.

God's sorority. (my personal favorite)

Every nun welcome.

Say grace.

Go where your heart leads you.

Grace happens.

Life is a prayer in itself. Join us.

Perfect people need not apply.

You go, sister!

Come as you are.

9/08/2006 1:22 PM  
Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

A few more...

God knows.

The heart of a woman.

Everyday grace.

Grace. Every day.

Where life begins.

Holy crowd!

9/08/2006 1:27 PM  
Anonymous joanna said...

here's one not to use: BenedicTEENS. Have you asked any teenagers what they think? They might come up with something that is more relevant to teen vernacular than anything an adult could come up with.
Just a thought from a new and enthusiastic reader.

9/09/2006 12:29 PM  
Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

BenedicTEENS. Of course!!!!

I'm going to shut up now.

9/09/2006 9:30 PM  
Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

Oh - she said not to use it.

But yeah - ask your students. Young minds unclouded by whatever ours get clouded with at our advanced age.

9/09/2006 9:31 PM  
Blogger Dennis said...

Went to vespers at "the Dome" tonight. I know you're wanting something that suggests that the Benedictine life is completely unexpected, but I didn't see much that caught me off guard. Of course, I'm around your brother monastery all the time, so maybe what *I* expect and what everyone else in the world expects are different. Plus, I'm 40, so what do *I* know?

The prayer was nice, your sisters were very hospitable, and the doxology at the end of the psalmody was also not unexpected. ;)

The only thing that really surprised me was poor Sister Kimberly Ann on crutches. She said she slipped in the parking lot at St. Meinrad, and I joked that they don't have any money or insurance.

Anyway, I intend to do vespers there again if I'm ever on my way to dinner in Jasper. Yay, Jasper!

Have you thought about something that challenges as well as entertains? I'm thinking here about the video the bishops produced about priesthood vocations. Check it out at:

Fishers of Men Video

It's aimed at guys, and it's about priesthood, and it mentions sacrifice and service. It's almost like those National Guard commercials. Maybe young women respond differently. So you'd know more what tugs at a woman's heart, what draws her to surrender to God and say, "Be it done unto me..."

But something like that would be cool. It wouldn't have to be a video, but something with that spirit.

9/10/2006 12:12 AM  

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