Friday, August 18, 2006

And it begins once more .....

.... the back-and-forth travels of your favorite nun-blogger. And, for the record, I'm not just talking about the wandering that I do from classroom to classroom (though that's much better this year --- I'm mostly in two rooms side-by-side). But I'm back at the monastery for our first formation class of the year. So I don't have much time to write right now, but I didn't want you all to think that I didn't survive these first few days, cuz really, they've actually gone rather well. Exhausting, definitely, but cool. And now's when I get to see if my kids from last year actually liked me --- do they still talk to me even after they don't have to anymore? Tune in next week ..... :-)


Blogger Lisa said...

Enjoy the formation class and the weekend!

8/19/2006 8:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey: congratulations about claiming the title "nun" in this post insteading of "nun-in-denial!" ;-P

(So... if you get a second to read just one other blog this weekend...)

8/19/2006 11:58 AM  

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