Friday, August 04, 2006

Technical Question about Palm Blogging

You may remember my mentioning of a little blogging task that has been assigned to me by our vocation director. I've got my nice little Palmy that I'm hoping will help me with composing posts "on the road" (or in the classroom!), thereby making a higher likelihood of regularity. My question is .... does anyone have any opinions on mobile blogging? This blog is on Blogger (obviously!), and the new monastery one is gonna be on MovableType. Wi-fi may or may not be available (depending on if I go to Starbucks, library, etc. or not), so it might just be composing the posts and then posting later. If worst comes to worse, I can always just do it in Word with DocumentsToGo and then copy/paste it over later. But, if there are decent programs out there .... I'd much prefer to make use of them.

So ..... anyone got any words of wisdom for me?

And, while you're at it ..... any advice about MovableType that might help me as I get started? Which probably needed to be last week sometime!


Blogger Lisa said...

Hmmm, why not do the monastery one on blogspot, too?

8/04/2006 9:02 PM  
Anonymous Chris T. said...

You might look into post-by-email. I know WordPress supports it, and I'm pretty sure MoveableType does, too. You set up a special email address and password, and when you email something to that address, it posts the subject as the title of the post and the body of the email as the text of the post. I've never fiddled with it, but I know some folks use it when traveling.

8/05/2006 10:55 AM  

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