Friday, July 21, 2006

Always Look on the Bright Side of War {whistle}

Bush Sees Mideast Strife As a Step Toward Peace

A couple possible explanations occurred to me as I tried to wrap my mind around this concept ....
  1. It's opposite day.
  2. It's true — if everyone bombs out everybody else .... a world of dead bodies could seem pretty peaceful.
  3. It's actually a typo: He meant to say a "Step Toward Peach" — peaches seem kinda solid, but when they get smashed, all sorts of gooeyness oozes outta them, kinda like the seeming solidity of people when they're actually made up of gooey innards that ooze out when they're smashed by bombs.
And, as a perfect example of our bringing peace to the Mideast and, thusly, to the world, there was this smaller headline on the WaPo front page: Somali Militia Leader Urges Holy War on Ethiopia

And I think to myself .... what a wonderful world.


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