Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ummm .... priorities?

Flush With Success, and Looking to Spend
Washington Post article about "Bathrooms Becoming Retreats in Americans' Pursuit of Luxury" ... the photo shows one couple's four by nine shower — that's four feet by nine feet. The shower, not the bathroom.
Spending on luxury bathrooms -- those costing at least $8,000 -- will be $22 billion this year, compared with $7.3 billion in 2003, according to the Market Forecast Report, published by the trade magazine Kitchen and Bath Business.

That is 10 times what the U.S. government will spend on AIDS research this year. It is six times the annual budget of Kenya.
Follow the link & read more .... it's worth reading. If you can handle it, anyway.


Blogger Lorem ipsum said...

I had a shower like that.

It was in college.

It was in the dorm.

It was divided into three cubicles.

I still got a foot infection.

7/06/2006 5:52 PM  
Anonymous jeana said...

Sounds to me like a lot of mildew to scrub.

7/07/2006 2:13 PM  

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