Monday, July 31, 2006

Photographic Evidence

Photos referenced on my July Community Days post are now available on Home at the Dome (anyone know how to get Blogger to allow me to put the @ in where it's supposed to be without turning it into an address?). I'm not visible in any of the Missioning or Familien Fest photos (though frequent commenter JV will be unhappily pointed out as the peach-shirted skirt-wearing jockey #3 in the second race!). However ..... if you click the "Next Page" option and scroll down to June 15, you'll see me being GrillMaster for our Junior High Camp. Scroll down a little farther to June 10, and you'll see me heading off from third base. So, despite the craziness of my summer, it had a good bit of fun in it, too!


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