Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two Bits of WaPo Religion

The $2.4 million house that J. Brian O'Neill Sr. bought for his son is allowed only six unrelated residents under zoning laws. But if it's a residence for a "religious community," the number jumps to 15. ... The solution? The Apostles of O'Neill. That's the name the young men used Oct. 2 when they filed paperwork to incorporate as a nonprofit religious organization.

For many religious groups, the biblical injunction to hate the sin but love the sinner is no longer sufficient, because many believers do not view homosexuality as a sin ... The impulse to restate traditional teachings against same-sex activity is complicated by the simultaneous desire to minister to gays. (On a strictly Catholic front, Bishops Pass Guidelines to Gay Ministry : trying to support gay parishioners while strictly affirming the church stance that same-sex relationships are "disordered." ... Yet bishops insisted that they're trying to be more "welcoming than condemning." )


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