Monday, November 13, 2006

I Wonder ....

..... why it's not Monday the 13th. Wouldn't that seem more appropriate?

Especially if you're in a house of five people and four of them ("them" meaning "not me") are sick. Especially if you're stressing over fitting stuff into the rest of the semester. Especially if you load the car up with recycling right after school only to remember as you're driving in that they're closed on Mondays. Especially if you decide to get a haircut (as long as you're out) and the wait means that you'd be late for community dinner, so that's pointless too.

And, most annoyingly ..... especially if you remember coming across this beyond-perfect assignment online, which would take high-schoolers through a week of reflecting on a single gospel text and culminating in the writing of a homily/reflection, but all crafted in such a way that they'd actually have to do a little each night. Especially if you can't imagine your packratitis letting you get away with not bookmarking it, printing it, or emailing the link to yourself, but you can't seem to find where you would have sent it. Especially if you've spent an entire evening trying extremely unsuccessfully to recreate the exact string of search terms that brought you to that site before.

Especially if you're still clueless on what you're teaching tomorrow.

Stupid Google and its eighteen million and three search results.


Blogger the tentmaker said...

try looking at your browser history.

11/14/2006 9:33 AM  
Blogger Dennis said...

Browser history is a great idea.

But your post reminded me of an assignment that we do in homiletics class. It's called the "Hit and Run Homily," or the "Drive-by Homily."

Assign a gospel passage, or the whole day's readings if you want. Give them 30 minutes. In that time, they are to read the passage, reflect on it's meaning, come up with an image or an angle that will hook listeners, and write a 2 to 4 minute homily that preaches.

It doesn't involve lengthy exegesis, but it does involve a creative sense. I don't know if it would be beyond high school students, but I think they could do it.

The trick would be in not getting 25 of the same homily. Like if you assigned the pericope of "The Widow's Mite," and you had 25 little sermonettes about how we should always be generous. Yawn.

Of course, we seminarians would never say anything boring.

11/14/2006 8:43 PM  

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