Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Overheard in the Classroom

Church History ..... doing a special segment on monasticism (gee, I wonder why?) .... I pulled out various bits from our book (since they have a little bit of monks in Chapter 5, a bit more in Chapter 6, even more in Chapter 7 — sometimes chronologically doesn't make the best sense), made up a worksheet of questions, and then split the kids into groups to read and present their section to the rest of the class.

First group? Presenting the sections on "Why Monasticism" and other background details.
Setting the stage .... Loquacious Student is describing how the early monks went out into the desert to seek God, detailing how desolate and wilderness-y the desert is.

Loquacious Student [interrupting herself to ask a nun-question]: Do you all ever do that?
Reluctant Nun™ [realizing she should be paying better attention]: Huh?
LS: Go out into the wilderness and just look at it, be all quiet and all that?
RN™ [pausing, beginning to comment about how nice that sounds]
LS #2 [surprisingly enough, there's more than one of them! Said with a bit of a "Duh" tone to LS #1]: Yeah, it's called "camping."
LS #1: I know that. But we talk when we camp.
I need to liveblog my classes more often .....


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