Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Stanley "Tookie" Williams, 1954-2005

I've got a post on Sollicitudo Rei Socialis about it.

Please .... check it out.


Blogger Kiker said...

You know, Steph, I really believed that they were going to grant him clemency. Right up until the end.
(By the way, I am really unsure of the legal terms here... so forgive me if I mangle them)

Our prison system (theoretically) is based on rehabilitation, to allow criminals to become productive members of society.

I think many people that are walking free today are not nearly as productive as Stanley Williams. And asking to spare his life isn't allowing him freedom or allowing him to skirt retribution for wrongs committed. Sparing his life would have simply allowed him to continue the work that could, ultimately, spare the lives of untold numbers of kids growing up on the street.

But apparently vengence is more important than offering redemption to kids who know no other life than violence.

I hope those who supported him so ardently in life do not neglect to promote his message now.

(Thanks for providing a catalyst for my thoughts on this issue. I had been meaning to write about it, but couldn't come up with a coherent thought until I read your post.)

12/14/2005 8:07 AM  
Anonymous jeana said...

Excellent article, Steph.

12/14/2005 9:14 AM  
Blogger Susan Rose, CSJP said...

what jeana said

12/15/2005 12:14 AM  

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