Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog for Relief Day

Snippets from various sites ..... most coming from the places that people are finding me through, but I'll say it anyway, just in case someone needs to hear it again.

Today is the Hurricane Katrina Blog for Relief Day. It's a day of blogging to raise awareness of and funds for relief efforts to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina. The TruthLaidBear and Instapundit are coordinating this massive blogging fundraiser. As of 4:15 EDT, over $53,000 in contributions have been logged; 1,029 blogs are participating (I guess I'll be 1030?); 105 charities have been recommended. Donations are made to whatever agency, with the competition of fun for which charity "wins" and which blog pointed the most people to donate. I, of course, vote for Catholic Charities, but really ..... whatever you do and whoever you do it through ..... every little bit helps.

One of these times when I miss having my own bank account ....

From Susan Rose's blog, there are a couple more direct ways to help out:

Penni is raising money for bloggy friends Crystal & Fish. You just use the paypal button on the right of the screen. Just did this .. easy as pie. Thanks Penni!
Natala at And that Makes All the Difference has an idea for those who want to do something more concrete. You can send supplies to her friend's Metholdist Church in Alabama. Thanks Natala!

Even with my monastic budget .... I can get some folks to put together Health Kits for Natala.

Money helps, but even if you can't do that .... do something. Probably even just letters/comments of support. People are relocated all over --- I've got a new kid in one of my classes. She arrived last night, and will be in school tomorrow. True, they say "Don't send clothes or supplies because there's nowhere to store them." But you don't have to send it to New Orleans. Look in your community. Even if you're far away, there are most likely people who have moved in with relatives, kids needing to start at new schools. Find somewhere in your community, find a displaced family. Heck, even just making them cookies .....

I've got to head back for Back-to-School night .... I'll say more later.

And, of course, the obvious help ..... prayer .... love ..... and lots of blessings on us all.

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