Friday, September 30, 2005

Hmmmmm .....

Reading Nathan at Here I Stand .... he brings up some interesting implications of the "no gays in the seminary" issue: "If gays and lesbians are unable to control our apparently compulsive sexual behavior in the seminary, are we going to be able to control our supposedly compulsive inclinations in college dormitories?" He then plays Devil's Advocate (a role I love myself) to propose all sorts of other situations that would also prove problematic for them, to help protect them from their diseased compulsive behaviors.

Made me wonder ..... if the setting of the seminary is so problematic, the fact of being around men so predominately is an issue ..... will they also begin screening lay students who also take courses at seminary? They'll be in that same environment, at least for some periods of time. I'd hate to think of them (lay students) being a bad influence on the seminarians!

Just a thought .....


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