Monday, October 17, 2005


OK, so a fun weekend meeting Natty .... and a nice chilled-out fall break just spending some time with my religious community without having to run off to this, that, or the other ..... but grades are due in sixteen hours (man, it sounds WAY worse that way than just 8:00 tomorrow morning), and I still have that stupid stack of papers to read. Not that it's a problem to read them, but how in the world do I assign a number to them? I made a list of things they needed to include, but some did more in depth than others. I was an engineering major (for 2.5 years, anyway) .... I was a math teacher (for a year). The answer's either right or wrong. What's with all this subjective silliness?

And what the heck was I thinking when I assigned this?!?!??!?!?

Any help, advice, guidance, words of wisdom, chocolate? Please?!?!?


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