Saturday, May 20, 2006

Partial Revokation of Previous Post

OK, so in the interests of full disclosure, I checked out some of the items in my previous post.

The Columbine game, rather than being a "video game" in the standard sense of the term, it's more of an interactive walk-through of the events of that day. True, you are playing the roles of Eric and Dylan, but it's got all their motivation and comments and things like that. So in some respects, it's more of following them through the day -- think of the reenactments of crimes we see on America's Most Wanted every week.

Now, on the flip side, I also found the Mexico border game. [Obviously, I still haven't learned!] It was on a White Aryan Resistance site, along with various other "Racist Games" (their phrasing, not mine). So I checked out a few of the very cartoony games, and thought I'd pass along a sampling of the objectives:
Border Patrol: Don't Let Those Spics Cross Our Border -- There is one simple objective to this game, keep them [Mexican nationalist, drug smuggler, breeder] out ... at any cost.
Drive-By 2: Feel What It's Like In The Ghetto -- Use your mouse to aim and shoot at anything and everything. Be careful because the police are out to stop your reign of terror!
Watch Out Behind You, Hunter! -- Shoot the fags before they rape you.
Kaboom! The Arab Training Game -- no objective given, simply that it's the Suicide Bomber game
I'm sure many would say that these are horribly offensive objectives. And yet .... when I go to miniclip , home of a wide variety of perfectly acceptable flash games, I find many of the same games. So apparently it's not OK to shoot people crossing the border, but it's OK to shoot "terrorists"? To be a black driving through the ghetto shooting "anything and everything" is bad, but if you're in a spaceship-looking thing "destroying anything that moves" then everything's great?

I guess I just realized as I looked at the "racist" games that they're no different than the other games out there. Basic objective generally is to destroy and/or kill them before they destroy and/or kill you; the variation comes in whether you're George Bush & Queen Elizabeth shooting terrorists or the hunter shooting fags or the cowboy shooting criminals.

And yet we wonder why we're always so competitive, with the constant need for a preemptive strike, that I be sure to attack you before you get the chance to attack me ....


Blogger Sister Mary Hasta said...

Can I still shoot aliens? 'Cause I've got a Halo 2 LAN scheduled for later today.

I've been involved with Child's Play since it was first started. Here's information on them from their 'About Us' page:

For two years now we’ve set up and organized a charity called Child’s Play. We set it up because we were angry the media decided to blame all the world’s problems on games and gamers. Basically they said that gamers were bad people, and we thought that wasn’t right. Apparently, you guys agreed: through Child’s Play you sent nearly a million dollars in toys, games, and cash to the sick kids in Children’s Hospitals around the nation.

5/20/2006 6:49 PM  

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