Saturday, March 17, 2007

What is going on?????

A couple weeks ago, the golf coach at my housemate Jeana's school (who also is dad to one of her kids) just randomly died in his sleep. A week and a half ago, one of our counselling secretaries' husband dropped dead — he was getting off their elliptical machine in their basement when she heard a thud, and that was pretty much it. This was a Tuesday night; they had this whole elaborate scheme worked out with their daughter's boyfriend so he could propose that Saturday; instead of a romantic proposal, she got her father's funeral. Tonight, I get home and find a note that my department chair called — the husband of our campus minister died unexpectedly. Their daughter lives in China, and they were going to be leaving in two weeks to go visit her for a couple weeks.

I was at a friend's house tonight, and one person came in from working at one of the hospitals (I'm assuming -- she was in scrubs) and said "It was a good day — the people who were supposed to live, did, and the people who were supposed to die, died." Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the way things are working these days.

And that's not even mentioning the grand return of the cancer emails from our prioress .....

Benedict tells us to "keep death daily before our eyes" ..... is this really what he meant, though?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unrelated thought, because for some reason I'm being too lazy to email this to you:

If you ever get the hankering to write another "Psalm," a-la "Lament of the Lonely Cornflake," I have a topic for you... unless I get around to writing it first myself...

It's callled "Ode to an empty mailbox." Wherein the psalmist (me) faithfully checks 2 different mailboxes (on opposite sides of the building) every night, at first filled with hope, and then, finding empty mailboxes, or boxes full of only mail for others, or, worse yet, junk mail or bills for herself, has her hopes dashed yet again. She begs and pleads to the mailbox for a letter from the prioress to show up. And not just any letter, but the much-anticipated acceptance letter... In the maintime she cooks up all sorts of contingency plans and what-ifs and just generally gets more and more insecure with her current lot in life, being that limbo is very hard to sustain while juggling... *sigh*

3/27/2007 2:50 PM  
Anonymous jeana said...


I'm grinning. I know what you mean. For us, though, it was a much anticipated phone call... I was in the middle of managing a hot stir fry when it finally came, so I had to mitigate my jumping up and down in excitement! Hope it comes through soon for you!

3/30/2007 10:37 PM  

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