Thursday, April 19, 2007

Visit #20,000 ....

..... comes from my Ol' Stomping Grounds of Balmer, Murland (or, Baltimore Maryland, for those of you not familiar with the world of "amblances")! Why, yes, though .... I can see the question brewing — "I thought she was from our Nation's Capital." And, well, yes, technically that's true. Well, sort of technically, anyway. I'm actually from the Maryland suburbs — if you remember the sniper from a few years back, how he killed five people within a 1-mile radius during the first couple hours of his rampage? Well, right in the middle of that circle is the house in which I grew up, and to which I still return on various holidays and vacations. So, while growing up, "Downtown" for me meant DC, the Beltway was I-495, and the professional sport to follow was football. However, for the last three years before I entered the community, I was living in Columbia, which pretty much straddles the Baltimore Metropolitan Area/Washington Metropolitan Area boundary line. My friends from there would refer to a totally different "downtown", refer to I-695 as the Beltway, and their sporting event of choice was baseball. The added bonus for me was that I was volunteering in my parish up there, and teaching at a Catholic school down by DC, so I couldn't even hear someone speak of the Archdiocese or the Cardinal without having to put lots of thought into where I was.

But ...... that's all a horribly moot point, and a full load of nothingness. All I really wanted to say was that it was nice to click to see where Visit #20,000 was visiting from, and to see what still holds a piece of "home" in my heart peeking back.

So thanks, Sinai Hospital, whoever you are. Say hi to the Harbor, and eat some crabcakes for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think it is really great that nuns do blogging. I hope you do not mind a question which came to my mind, though - does the Vatican really permit nuns to blog about their lives in public? Please do not misunderstand, I am not saying nuns should not blog publicly, I am just curious to have a confirmation that the Vatican can be so open nowadays.

Thank you.


5/18/2007 12:15 PM  

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