Saturday, September 03, 2005

Anirtak ~ A Poem by Max (language warning)

I received this e-mail from my friend Max this afternoon, so I'm sharing it for her. All I did was two minor vowel edits --- I figure it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have my nun-blog get caught by the decency filters!

Thanks, Max. Peace to you and to everyone else who stands by helplessly watching.

I am overwhelmed with sadness right now as i have been watching the hurricane disaster. i will share a poem i just came in and typed out at a wreckless pace and did no edits -it was just an outpouring of my feelings.
warning -a bit of bad language!


(Katrina spelled backwards sounds a lot like "an attack")

Baby screams
As mothers dream
and waters keep on surging
and waters keep on surging

Daddys plead
no one keeps the peace
and waters keep on surging

Babies pushing to be born
mothers afraid to open their legs
her body is limp
her t-ts are wilted
no milk for this new babe

yet far away
there are men plenty
dropping bombs and scrambling for arms
were told it is for the good
and waters keep on surging
and waters keep on surging

how many mothers and babies and fathers and grandmothers and grandchildren and grandfathers, and you and me and me and you we are one are we one
and waters keep on surging
and waters keep on surging

her water breaks
her baby is born
and waters keep on surging

how many sunken eyes and and hollowed stares
how many zombie stumbles can we witness
before we turn into salt

solutions seem so simple to me
I must be f-cking crazy
Surely to god someone would have thought of this!
right here where I am
why dont they see the answers
dont have to be complicated

the whirr of the blade can drop papers with information
can drop bottles of water
can drop tons of ho hos and twinkies
and fat bologna sandwiches

filet and brulee
to those dying
in a dream of
hunger and thirst
and waters just keep on surging

I have never felt so helpless
I am so angry
As I go outside and look up to the stars
I am angry
Where the hell is god tonight

And the waters are no longer surging
The people are dying

Those born are left


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