Monday, September 12, 2005

Equality for all .... or not?

Apparently, there is a gentleman in Owensboro, Kentucky, who believes that residents should be warned when an individual who has been accused of sexual abuse moves into their neighborhood.

They weren't convicted? No problem --- let us know anyway.

Oh, wait, I misstated that. He doesn't think they should be warned when an accused individual moves into town.

Only the Roman Catholic priests who were accused.

Of course, the two priests he's referencing have never been convicted, nor have they even been tried or sued. Nor have the victims asked that the case be made public. Law-enforcement officers say that "people who have not been convicted of a crime do not have to register."

It'd be one thing if he wanted all the accused to register. Not that I'd agree with that, but at least then there'd be some semblence of "equality."

But no, just the priests. I guess they're the only people in our society who abuse other people. Funny ..... that's not what I remember learning in any of my psyche and social work classes ......

Man Urges Alert on Priests Accused of Sex Abuse, Even if Not Convicted


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