Thursday, September 08, 2005

Profound Questions of the Universe

Since my brain is fried from trying to write a test (and I still have another one to write, and papers to grade, and soon tests to grade, and .... oh well, there went the weekend!) ..... here are some thoughts that I've always wondered:

If milk is put in milk bottles and beer is put in beer bottles, then are baby bottles .... ?

If you take a vow of silence, does that mean you can't talk to yourself? What about using sign language?

Why did they make the word "lisp" so difficult for lispers to say? And "dyslexia" so complicated to read?

How come "palindrome" .... isn't?

Why do we say "Heads up" when we really mean "Duck"? And why "duck"? Why not ostrich? They're the ones who bury their heads ......

Ah, well .... off to further my devotion to Our Lady of the Pillow. Sleep well, and may your pet elephant never develop a peanut allergy!


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