Sunday, September 04, 2005

Marcavage isn't THAT bad

Someone had mentioned Fred Phelps when I was talking about Marcavage's comments, and I hadn't even thought to check what the Good Reverend from Topeka had to say. Well, after seeing his site (which I forgot was so kindly titled "God Hates America") .... I take back all the mean things I had to say about Marcavage (well, some of them, anyway). At least Marcavage did agree that we should pray for the people and help them; according to Phelps, "It is a sin to pray for this evil f*g nation," and that we should pray for "more dead bodies."

Ain't it great that on's map of hate groups we have such fine upstanding Christian organizations such as Westboro Baptist listed alongside the Klan and Neo-Nazis.

What struck me in my search was that there's also a site called "God Hates Fred Phelps" .... but right under the title it says: "...well, not really. In fact, we don't even hate Fred Phelps, and we certainly don't presume to speak for God at all," just that they "won't stand for intolerance, violence, and hatred against the people they love."


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