Friday, December 16, 2005

Last Week's List Update

Haven't updated it .... lots has been done, but there's still some to do. Still have some school stuff hanging, but at least I don't have to go back in for a couple weeks. I'll just be real glad for the downtime once I head back to the hill for break.

But, I did just want to take this occasion to publically acknowledge certain folks who made me decision to attempt public accountability that much more stressful (in a good way). HeyJules with her threatened examination of her sitemeter definitely kept me away from her blog, which will only make things that much worse when I finally return because, like I said, I always have to think when I go over there. Folks like Elizabeth and Lucy commenting in the midst of their own procrastination made me feel not-so-alone-and-freakish (although I am still freakish), although I was slightly discouraged to see how BrightStar blew through her list. Someday, maybe ....

The best, though, was SeekingSomething, with her laying-down-the-law. For someone who's so obsessive about not wanting to get in trouble and wanting to do the "right" thing (major people-pleaser, can ya tell?) .... her directness definitely got the guilt kicked in. Jeana even said tonight that she noticed things drop off after her comment.

And, for the record, this critical comment was .... Much as I like your blog, cut the cord, Steph. No electronics until you get your critical stuff done. While I couldn't cut the cord completely, it still made me pretty conscious of what I was at least putting out there (pay no attention to the memes in the "Draft" column of my Dashboard!). My whole problem comes from the fact that I can't say no electronics, when it's stuff I have to type for the kids and/or post online. It's too easy to just open up another browser window while you're researching the differences between the four evangelists and take off when a school-related site has a very cool-yet-ultimately-non-school-related link that screams out my name while it's wresting the remote out of my grasp.

So, thanks for the support. Like I said, still more to do, but at least there's a little breathing room now. And, hopefully, I'll get myself more on track next time. Every little shift helps ...


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