Friday, January 20, 2006

Mister Manu, Where Have You Gone ...

Funniest thing I found about this post is the fact that, while other people felt intimidated enough to give an obligatory comment, the individuals for whom it was actually intended haven't even seen it (I don't think so, anyway). You see, my super-secret-sources tell me that I've had a visitor recently coming from an Virusian Village in a Happy Land*, who at that point had shown up various times. Even more telling was that this Very Special Visitor was diverting his attention from a certain allegedly-for-profit-but-in-reality-non-profit organization (his words, not mine). However, once I put a special post up for the visitor's benefit, he disappeared. Which is very stinky, given the time and effort put into that post.

But, for the rest of you folks .... to know understand that everything in that previous post was a part of my upbringing .... don't things make a lot more sense now?

* virus .... germ? happy .... merry? village .... town? Hmmmmmm......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're so clever!

1/20/2006 4:03 PM  

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