Wednesday, September 14, 2005

More from the Post

This time, from Joel Achenbach's blog of a last Friday.

The segment is titled "Discovering the Poor" and it begins like this:
Everyone's talking about the poor. Or maybe it's The Poor. I bet Time and Newsweek have cover stories this weekend on The Poor, or perhaps on Poverty, a word that hasn't been used a whole lot in recent years. There was once a War on Poverty, back in the era of LBJ and Vietnam, and apparently we lost that one, too.

He then provided responses that some readers gave to the question (of another reader):
Have any of you ever seen it [poverty]? Lived it? Tasted it? Gotten up close and personal with it? Know (or knew) it on a first-name basis? Envied wealth, opportunity and the world of privileged cronyism connections?

Scrolling further back to September 5, he has a posting of "Why Race Matters" (as a follow-up to the previous day's posting):
Race is central to the story of the United States. I didn't inject that into the narrative. Race is an issue today in NOLA and it was an issue two weeks ago and it has been an issue for roughly four centuries. We had a war over it. We had a century of Jim Crow and then a Civil Rights movement. Someone tell me when race ceased to matter. Just because your favorite athlete is Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods doesn't mean you have an exemption from ever thinking about race again.

And now that I'm done (for the time being) cutting & pasting the Washington Post for you, I'll leave you with the final thought on poverty .... a link that I've seen from various blogs, most recently on Martha, Martha.

Whatever: Being Poor -- read past the trackbacks to get to the comments.


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