Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shameless Toady-ing

I suppose one of the things that comes of people visiting and commenting on my blog is the need to acknowledge said comments, especially when said feedback was explicitly requested. Sigh. By now I figure it's too late to go back and add comments, because I'm sure the commenters are long-past looking at them. So, I've decided to make it up to you all with a post of your very own!
First off, we have my Faith-Filled Agnosticism, which, I'm so ashamed to admit that I never noticed that the quiz title was misspelled ... so a BIG-TIME shout goes out to Anna at All Manner of Things, for not only noticing the typo, but pointing out its appropriateness. Thanks too to Lorem, for sending other people my way ... glad to know that someone out there admits to knowing me. Not that you know me know me, but .... oh wait, maybe that's why you're not embarassed to be associated with me .... huh .... sigh. Seriously, though, glad to give you an official nunly "It's all good." Susan Rose and Natty -- see, this is the kind of work that us cool kid Benedictines can produce! heehee Thanks also to my fellow RevGal Sue at Inner Dorothy -- hey, she's published in this very cool book, you should buy it! And to Ian and Keturah ... I have no clue how you found me, but I'm glad you did -- compliments from the unknown lurkers mean far more than from the friends who feel obligated to reply. Oh, and speaking of obligated friends, there is Jeana, who doesn't even have a Blogger profile, and the BustedHalo article I would direct you to instead has disappeared in their site redesign. Not to worry, though -- I've sent evil-eye e-mails and will post the link once they rediscover it.

Seriously, though ... I had felt kind of heathenisticly iffy about whether this kind of stuff was appropriate for a "nun" to be posting (yeah, like all my other posts are pious and holy -- sheesh!). But I sometimes feel like the perfect example of a non-nun and wonder not only how I've managed to still stay, but even how I ever got in in the first place. Especially since now anything contraversial (in whoever's opinion) I say might not just be chalked up to "Steph's an idiot" but potentially could reflect on my community, Benedictines, or religious life in general. Hence my downplaying of it as my just BS-ing it. (Plus, if people decided to say that I am an idiot, then I can play along and say that I was just joking, that it was all just BS and not really what I thought. The whole "Reject Before Rejected" thing still rears its ugly head sometimes!) So thanks to you all for your encouragement!

And with my Weekend Wonderings ... thanks to you all for throwing your two cents in and adding a few more pieces to my puzzle that is God. Some very touching and impressive thoughts -- thank you so much for sharing. Lots of material for meditations. (Of course, leave it to Jeana to add a few notches to her dork belt through her use of the obsolete skill of Latin). Martha, Martha posed the question to her readership as well (thank you), so be sure to check it out for more food for thought.

In terms of my answer ... I have a photo that best fits my image, but it'll have to wait until I get it scanned in. So, in the meantime ....
God is utterly indefinable and infinitely present.
At least, that's what comes to mind right at this moment .... it changes often, so I'll keep you posted.

So, now that I've done my schmoozing for the evening .... may you all have a restful sleep.

Oh yeah ... and buy the book!


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