Sunday, December 18, 2005

Hope I'm not premature with this, but ...

... as of the start of the second half!

And it's televised here in Loovul, so I get to watch .... and it's early enough that I can yell as needed. YAY!!!

Update: My brother Chris is director of music ministry of a parish back home; my brother Ray has had season's tickets to the Redskins for the last four or five years (having been on the waiting list since 1983 -- 'Skins seasons tickets are hard to come by!). My whole family are born and raised Redskins fans, so the fact that Gibbs came back was huge for us, and the fact that there are games worth watching makes our fidelity to the team that much more important. And, for those of you who don't know, Redskins–Cowboys is the thing, even though there hasn't always been much to see. The bumper stickers were "I cheer for two teams -- the Redskins and anyone playing Dallas." Oh yeah, and should I mention that today's game is at FedEx field? Hometown game for the Burgandy & Gold?

Given that background, I found this e-mail I just got from my mom extra-entertaining:
Tonight is the annual Christmas concert at Christopher's parish; it is also the Redskins/Cowboy game here. Raymond gave up his tickets in order to attend the concert! Is that brotherly love, or what??

Bet Chris is gonna owe Ray big-time! Tivo just ain't gonna cut it for him.

This is awesome ... big time blow-out game, and I, 600 miles away, am the only one seeing it.

Not that I would gloat or anything .....


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