Monday, December 04, 2006


So ... I thought this TeenPage thing wouldn't be too big of a deal, with just cross-posting reflections on the readings .... Heck, once I learned enough HTML on the fly to fake the little calendar on the side there, it was just a simple matter of copy/paste to add it to the other site, with some minor adjustments for color.

BUT .... if I'm doing this TeenPage for my community, as a part of the Vocations Office and the Communications Department ... then that means that I'm using that site as a tool to not only help young people of all varieties delve deeper into the mystery, but I'm also potentially planting the seed for someone who might later decide to join us.

And so, if that's the case, I need to be extra-welcoming, and really live out that Benedictine value of hospitality.

In other words, I need to reply to comments.

Which can be a bit overwhelming, especially if I've just begun and had three or four different questions from the same commenter. Questions that remind me that I can't assume certain elements of "common knowledge" with this target audience. Questions that are sometimes hard to clarify in a little comment box. Questions that then preclude my getting the next reflection created.

And it's not really even out there yet!

Perhaps down the road, when there are more visitors, they'll answer for each other. Or maybe I can recruit a fellow nun to answer some comment questions.

In the meantime though ....



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